Create a Mini Dock with QuicKeys

I posted on my Vimeo account two videos that explain how to use the Toolbar feature in QuicKeys. Though many people use QuicKeys for assigning hot key triggers to variuos shortcuts, the toolbar can also be a very useful way to execute any shortcut sthat you have created with QuicKeys.

How I’m Using the Mini Dock


Because I have second monitor attached to my computer, and because I’m more of a mouse user than a hot key user, I decided to create a mini toolbar of shorcuts for applications and websites that I usually launch and keep displayed on my second monitor.

Like the Dock used in Apple‘s operating system, shortcuts added to the QuicKeys‘s toolbar can be updated or deleted at any time. When you update a shorcut in the QuicKeys editor, it also gets upodated in the corresponding toolbar.

Setting Up the Toolbar


I explain in my video tutorial how to create a QuicKeys toolbar, but one thing I didn’t point out is how you can actually dock a toolbar on one of the edges of your computer monitor. I have mine docked on the second monitor and it floats above other applicatons. You can even add two or more tabs to a toolbar. I’m thiking of adding a second tab for some frequent websites I need to access. Having them posted in the toolbar will be just another quick way to launch websites when I need to.


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