Quickly Search Safari History

After reading Dan Frakes tip article on how to quickly search Safari bookmarks and history, I knew I had to create a QuicKeys shortcut for this search, because I too frequently need to search through my browser history to locate website pages.

Type Keystroke Shortcut


For this shortcut I used the simple and very useful Type Keystroke shortcut, since the Help>Search menu actually has I think a shortcut key assigned to it, which is Command+Shift+ \.. You can’t see the shortcut keystroke on the menu item, but I used Keycue to discover it.

Triggering the action


As with other shortcuts, you can assign any trigger you like, but in the next step I explain how I used this shortcut.

QuicKeys Toolbar


I have created a set of QuicKeys Toolbar for six different shortcuts that I use on a regular basis. I keep this toolbar docked on the upper-left side of my desktop for easy access. This is how I trigger the history search shortcut. I simply have too many keystroke shortcuts to remember, so the toolbar trigger really comes in handy. I did a screencast how how to create toolbar, which you can view in my Vimeo collection of tutorials on QuicKeys.


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