Using the Same Hot Key—Two or More Times

Hot Keys are a great way to trigger actions in programs like QuicKeys and Keyboard Maestro. But after creating several dozen automations, you begin to run out out convenient hot keys that you would like to use.

Point and case, the F1 hot key. It’s an easy one to remember and easy to access. Fortuneately, we can use the same hot key with different applications.

In QuicKeys, if you limit your scope to a single application insteall of All Applications, then you can assign the same hot key that assigned in another limited scope. The same can be done in Keyboard Maestro.

I use the F1 hot key with five different applicaions, including the Finder. I don’t have it assigned for All Applications in any macro.

This automation activates the Links feature in MarsEdit. It opens the Links filed in the menu bar and pastes in the copied URL, saving me about three clicks.

This F1 hot key selects and archives my Google emails downloaded into Mailplane. It’s super fast and a huge time saver. See more about in the blog posts below.


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