QuicKeys Demo: Rate and Tag in 3 Seconds

I seriously get a kick out of seeing if I can develop QuicKeys automation shorcuts to perform simple tasks for me. This automation involves an font management application called Fontcase.

The application itself is great, but you have to go through too many steps to rate and tag fonts. So I created a QuicKeys shortcut that rates and tags selected fonts in about 3 seconds flat.

All I have to do is click the F1 hot key, which is scoped to the application—meaning that I can use the same hot key in other applications without a problem.

Here’s the steps it performs:

Selects the Fonts menu
Selects Ratings
Selects 5 star rating
Assigns rating to selected font
Selects Fonts menu again
Selects Get Info
Tabs forward 9 times
Inserts tag
Tabs forward 13 times
Selects OK
Activates the Return key which closes the window

All this in 3 seconds!

When you watch the video, the process happens so fast that you need to play it a couple of times to clearly see the process.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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