Create a Toolbar for QuicKeys

If you have caught the QuicKeys bug, which means you make QuicKeys shortcuts for nearly everything you do on your computer, you might consider creating a toolbar for the program itself. I have done a couple of videos about the QuicKeys toolbar feature that you can view here and here. The toolbar is liking having a mini dock for each of your most used applications.

I mainly use toolbars because I’m a heavy mouse user. I rather click a shortcut in a toolbar than manually type a keyboard shortcut. The toolbar I created for QuicKeys consists of shortcuts for many of the shortcuts and menu items I use on a regular basis. This toolbar keeps me from having to make extra clicks when I‘m putting together a macro.


As you can see I have a shortcut for creating a New Shortcut which automatically adds the Type Keystroke shortcut to it.

newshortcut.pngThat one shortcut saves me two extra clicks with the mouse. I have another one that adds the Pause and Wait for User shortcuts. This keeps me from having to use the pull down menu to access these shortcuts. So far I have 14 items in the toolbar. I even have a Hide QuicKeys shortcut because the Editor window won’t hide itself when you click away from it.

Of course, I have also added keyboard shortcuts to many of the QuicKeys menu items as well. This is handy when my hand is not on the mouse. This can be done using the Keyboard Shortcuts feature in your Mac’s Preferences.


These are little time savers that help me create micros a little faster, with less hassle.


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