Using Hazel for File Size Detection

Nothing can be more frustrating than performing simple repetitive tasks on your computer, day in and day out. For example, as part of the writing I do for a website, the screenshots I use for articles can’t be larger than 580px and/or 120kb in size.

For a long while I would have to check the file size of screenshots to see if they were over 120kb. If so, I had to open them in Photoshop and resize them for web posting. And though the icon preview on my desktop would include the pixel size of screenshots, I still had to stop and resize them if they were over 580px.

But now thanks to Hazel, these repetitive tasks are done for me. Whenever a screenshot is saved to my desktop, a Hazel macro will automatically open that screenshot file in Photoshop if it’s over 120kb.


Similarly, I when a screenshot file is larger than 580px in dimension, Hazel will run a Automator workflow that automatically resizes the file to 580px. I use two Hazel rules, one for pixel height of more than 120kb and one for pixel width of more than 120kb to detect these files.


So now, in the course of writing articles and making screenshots, Hazel saves me from having to manually perform those little daily and tedious tasks. It’s not a perfect system, but it works most of the time.


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