Linking Web Pages to Applications

One of the best uses for QuicKeys Menu feature is a creating a short that links a file, folder, webpage, another application to a specified application.

For example, I want to remember a website that sells products for Apple’s Pages and Keynote applications. Bookmarking the website won’t be very useful to me, because I won’t remember its name when I need it, and it will most likely get buried in a Safari folder of bookmarks.

So what I do now is simply drag and drop a selected URL onto the QuicKeys icon in my dock. It will instantly create a web launch shortcut.


After that is done, I scope the shortcut to the application I want to associate the URL with. I use the “quickeys menu” trigger so that the shortcut will appear in the QuicKeys menu bar.


Now weeks or months after I can’t remember the name of the website, I can simply click on the QuicKeys icon in my menu bar and select the select the shortcut with the specified URL. When I run the shortcut, it will of course open the specified website. The application will need to be open as well in order for the shortcut to appear.


If there is a particular trigger you use over and over in QuicKeys, you can set it as the default triggeer by opening QuicKeys Preferences > Trigger. My default QuicKeys trigger is “quickeys menu” because that’s what I’m using most of the time in shortcuts I create.


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