Select All and Copy

One of my most useful little macros is a very simple select all text and automatically copy. I assigned an abbreviation shortcut to macro (“ajj”) so that when I type the abbreviation, QuicKeys immediately runs macro, saving me from having to do all the keyboard shortcuts—command+a and command+c.

I use this macro because too many times I written a comment say in a forum only to have that comment not post. And then I have to retype it. So when something I’ve written is very important to me, I simply run macro using the simply quick shortcut. The text is immediately saved to my clipboard manager.



2 comments on “Select All and Copy

  1. After reading about all the macro programs available, I chose QuicKeys. Unfortunately, the program seems to lack a certain functionality Macro Express for Windows has – either that or I can’t get it to work.

    In Macro Express, I could assign a hot key such as ## and then some other letters that would prompt the program to remove that text and type in boilerplate text. For example:


    Would have Macro Express run the macro that would insert the following:

    All best wishes,

    My Name
    Other Text

    I have a few others that do the same ##thx for Thanks etc.

    QuicKeys doesn’t allow this as far as I can understand. The hot keys are ctl- or option – or fn- This makes it really hard to remember all my boiler text.

    Any suggestions?

  2. In keyboard maestro you can do this but even better is “textexpander” which is a seriously awesome app that you can do this kind of thing with

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