QuicKeys Developer Explains Lack of Lion Support [News]

Screenshot1724Wow, just learned today why Startly, the company behind the Mac automation program, QuicKeys, has been relatively silent about the long overdue Lion update for their program.

Unfortunately many long users of QuicKeys, including myself, have jumped ship and started using Keyboard Maestro because there was not much coming from Startly about why they had not updated QuicKeys.

Essentially the programmer responsible for the update passed away, but Startly was not kept up to date about the programmer’s fatal illness. The company is now seeking a qualified programmer who can complete the job. You can read more about here.

This is good and bad news for QuicKeys users who have switched over to Keyboard Maestro. I still think both programs are very good for general Mac users who want to automate tasks on their computer, but it’s time consuming to develop macros in both applications, and it has taken too long for QuicKeys to be updated for Lion. I can barely open and use it Lion.

However, I think what I will try to continue to write articles and do how-to videos for both programs.

I will also try to write an article that explores the differences between the programs.


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