Create a Paste Current URL Macro

The following steps below will show you how to set up a Keyboard Maestro macro action that pastes the current Safari URL from within any application. This macro saves you from having to select and copy a URL. Safari does not have to be the forefront application in order to use this macro. Just make sure that the URL you want to paste is the current visiable tab in Safari.

Note: This macro action replaces the previous action I outlined over a year ago about how to use KM to get links into MarsEdit. The screenshot below is how the macro will look when you have created it.

Keyboard Maestro Editor


Step 1: Create a new macro and add the Set Clipboard to Text action to the editor.


Step 2: Click on System Clipboard and select New… from the drop-down menu. Type and add Linked URL or any name you want to give it.


Step 3: Type the code you see in the screenshot below or select it under Insert Token.


Step 4: Add the action, Paste from Named Clipboard


Step 5: Change the Default Clipboard to the “Linked URL” you created in step 2.


Step 6: Give the macro a title and assign a hot key trigger.


Now you’re set. You can paste the URL of the current Safari tab into any application.


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