Quickeys Demo: Put Items in New Folder Using Keyboard Shortcut

This macro consist of an AppleScript that creates a new folder on your desk, then selects and moves all the items on your desktop to the new folder, which gets labeled “screenshots”. It then selects that new folder so that you can rename if, if you prefer. I will be including this macro in package of QuicKeys workflows that you will be able download. Click the link below to watch the video in larger size.

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QuicKeys Demo: Delete and Return

Think about how annoying it is to delete items in an application, by first having to click Command+Delete and then click the resulting Okay button (illustrated in the first example of the video). With this macro, it’s done with one simple hot key (illustrated in the second example.)

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QuicKeys Demo: Automatic Italicize

Sometimes when I’m typing a bulleted list, I have to go back and italicize or boldface all the headings. In order to do this, I have to use of course the shortcut keystroke. But with this QuicKeys action, I can automate the redundant tasks.

It’s set up so that when I activate the shortcut (in the this case I activate the shortcut in a QuicKeys toolbar I have set up for the application, MarsEdit ), the the shortcut keys, Command+I will be clicked for me. But this will happen only after I have selected the text and lifted the main button of my mouse. This process will repeat for the number times I set. Below is a screen shot of the workflow.

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