Linking Web Pages to Applications

One of the best uses for QuicKeys Menu feature is a creating a short that links a file, folder, webpage, another application to a specified application.

For example, I want to remember a website that sells products for Apple’s Pages and Keynote applications. Bookmarking the website won’t be very useful to me, because I won’t remember its name when I need it, and it will most likely get buried in a Safari folder of bookmarks.

So what I do now is simply drag and drop a selected URL onto the QuicKeys icon in my dock. It will instantly create a web launch shortcut.


After that is done, I scope the shortcut to the application I want to associate the URL with. I use the “quickeys menu” trigger so that the shortcut will appear in the QuicKeys menu bar.


Now weeks or months after I can’t remember the name of the website, I can simply click on the QuicKeys icon in my menu bar and select the select the shortcut with the specified URL. When I run the shortcut, it will of course open the specified website. The application will need to be open as well in order for the shortcut to appear.


If there is a particular trigger you use over and over in QuicKeys, you can set it as the default triggeer by opening QuicKeys Preferences > Trigger. My default QuicKeys trigger is “quickeys menu” because that’s what I’m using most of the time in shortcuts I create.


My MUO Mac Automation Guide Published


I’m happy to report that one of my favorite topics to write about has finally been published a book length guide titled the Awesome Guide to Mac Automation.

This guide is for Mac users who want to get more done on their Mac with less work. It includes step-by-instructions for using Apple’s smart automation technology, including smart folders, smart albums, smart playlists, and it’s free automation application, Automator.

Among other things you’ll learn how to:

  • Use smart folders to manage your files and folders
  • Using iTunes’ smart playlists to organize your music
  • Find the photo your looking for with iPhoto
  • Sort your email without any effort, using’s smart filters and folders
  • Using Automator to script without any programming knowledge

The guide is free, and I’m in the process of writing a professional version of the guide that will introduce advanced automation programs, including Quickeys 4.0, Hazel, and AppleScript.

The guide can be downloaded for free from