QuicKeys Demo: Automatic Italicize

Sometimes when I’m typing a bulleted list, I have to go back and italicize or boldface all the headings. In order to do this, I have to use of course the shortcut keystroke. But with this QuicKeys action, I can automate the redundant tasks.

It’s set up so that when I activate the shortcut (in the this case I activate the shortcut in a QuicKeys toolbar I have set up for the application, MarsEdit ), the the shortcut keys, Command+I will be clicked for me. But this will happen only after I have selected the text and lifted the main button of my mouse. This process will repeat for the number times I set. Below is a screen shot of the workflow.

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Demo: Hazel and Folder Actions

If you want to things to happen when files added to designed folder, you must get a copy of Hazel.

This is little demo shows that when add a file to a designated folder in my network to my Dropbox account, it copies that file automatically to my desktop where I want it to end it. I even get a Growl notification that the file was added to the box.

Other automation programs like Automator and QuicKeys can help you create folder actions, but Hazel simplifies the process and with much more features and options.

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The set is super easy:

Automator Demo: Alphabetize Selected Text

This little demo shows how selected text can be alphabetically ordered by using an easy to build Automator workflow. The tutorial can be found on http://www.macautomaton.com. (Note: after I did this screen capture, I saw that workflow has some limitations, for it only recognizes capital letters of each item on the list. But it’s still comes in handy.)

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QuicKeys Notification Demo

This demo shows an example of the QuicKeys Notification shortcut that can be used in any macro. For example, I have this notice set to appear five seconds after someone in my family launches Microsoft Word. I do this because each time they use the application, they always leave it open after us and never safe their file to a folder or trash it. So this is my QuicKeys written and audio notification to them. The title of the shortcut is “Messages.”

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