How to Create an Automatic Email Template To Use in Keyboard Maestro

“Bakari, can you share the KM workflow for creating an email template with select email addresses, etc.?”

Thanks for asking, Brian. Unfortuneately, KM alone doesn’t handle email templates as well as say Automator. But thankfully KM can trigger Automator workflows. So here’s the steps to do that.

Create New Workflow in Automator


Add a New Message Action


Set Up Your Email Template


Note: if you want to add different information to the template each time you send it, be sure to check “Show this action when the workflow runs.” You enable the workflow to show only selected items.

Save the Workflow in a Permenant Location


Note: KM Automator workflows, not Automator Applications. So be sure to save your workflow in a folder where KM can find it.

Create a New Macro in Keyboard Maestro


Add the “Execute an Automator Workflow” action to the macro, and then attach the Automator workflow file you just created. Give your macro a name and trigger, and you’re good to go. You will probably only want your macro to run in Mail, so create add to your Mail macros folder.

Let me know how this setup works for you.


A Mail Rule for Reducing New Messages

Though email is a fast end efficient form of communication, most of the messages we receive simply do not require our immediate attention.

I became so tired of marking messages read or deleting them that I finally created, I think, a Mail rule for better managing emails.


The rules marks incoming emails as read, except for the message sent by anyone who is listed in my Address Book or specific addresses I designate as not to be immediately marked as read.

I’ve been using this system for about three days now, so I’m sure I’ll be adding a handful more addresses. But 90% of the other messages I receive will simply be marked immediately as read.

I set up a “Today’s Mail” smart mailbox which I check a few times a day to see which emails were marked as read. So far, hardly any of these messages that appear in that box needed my immediate attention.

With this rule, I no longer have to waste valuable time clicking on new messages—either on my computer, iPhone, or iPad. Now that’s automation at its best.