A Mail Rule for Reducing New Messages

Though email is a fast end efficient form of communication, most of the messages we receive simply do not require our immediate attention.

I became so tired of marking messages read or deleting them that I finally created, I think, a Mail rule for better managing emails.


The rules marks incoming emails as read, except for the message sent by anyone who is listed in my Address Book or specific addresses I designate as not to be immediately marked as read.

I’ve been using this system for about three days now, so I’m sure I’ll be adding a handful more addresses. But 90% of the other messages I receive will simply be marked immediately as read.

I set up a “Today’s Mail” smart mailbox which I check a few times a day to see which emails were marked as read. So far, hardly any of these messages that appear in that box needed my immediate attention.

With this rule, I no longer have to waste valuable time clicking on new messages—either on my computer, iPhone, or iPad. Now that’s automation at its best.