Using QuicKeys Shortcuts with ScreenFlow

As you can tell from this site, I’m a QuicKeys nut. I try to automate anything I can with this automation program. One particular application that I have several QuicKeys macros set up for is ScreenFlow—one of the best screencast applications for the Mac.

One of the best things about QuicKeys is that you can use it to add functionality to any application. Sometimes when you work in a application on a regular basis, you start developing a workflow that helps you get projects done in that application faster. Well, QuicKeys can greatly assist you in your workflow.

In the case of ScreenFlow, I primarily use the mouse and menu tools to edit screencast projects. I don’t do a lot of typing in the program, and I‘m not keen on using shortcut keystrokes that are appended to the two dozen-plus menu items that exist in ScreenFlow. So this is where QuicKeys comes in.

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