QuicKeys Shortcut: Select and Copy a URL

This is simple little shortcut which selects the URL of an open webpage and copies it to the clipboard. It saves you one less keystroke.


1. Limit your scopes to your web browsers. You can use the same hot key for scope.

2. Add the Type Keystroke shortcut and type in Command+L in the field box.

3. Add a Pause shortcut

4. Add another Type Keystroke shorcut, adding Command+C

That’s it. Save it and give it title.


Quickeys Demo: Copy and Paste to Tweetie Macro

This QuicKeys macro automation copies the a selected title of an web page article, then selects and copies the URL of that web page.

Next, it switches to the application, Tweetie, and pastes the two copied selections in a New Tweet in Tweetie. It also activiates the Shorten URL hot key in Tweetie.

The macro includes two ways to activate the macro.

Click here to download the macro, which can be imported into QuicKeys.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Using Web Actions in QuicKeys

Some websites require you to submit your email every time you want to leave a comment. Using QuicKeys, I set a quick little action that fills in my email address, deselects a box, and clicks the submit. I use a single hot key to perform all three actions.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Using Web Actions in QuicKeys“, posted with vodpod

Basically, you set up a shortcut in QuicKeys. Add the Web Actions step and set up the elements as shown in the video.