Quickeys Macro Pack

As you can probably tell from this blog, I’m a big fan of QuicKeys 4.0. Though I haven’t done a lot to promote this blog, I still post tutorials sharing whatever I learn and find useful about the program.

For Mac users who are fairly new to QuicKeys, I have made available 25 shortcuts that you can be imported into QuicKeys, customized—if need be—and ran on your computer.

Click here to download the Macro Pack

How to Import Macros

From within QuicKeys, select the menu item, File > Import Shortcuts

Importing makes the new shortcuts immediately available.

Customize Macros

You can customize these macros any way you like. They are mainly basic macros that provide you ideas for what you can do with QuicKeys 4.0. A description of each macro can be read by clicking “I“ at the bottom of QuicKeys macro, and click on Shortcut Comments.

You can change the trigger, scope, and other related items of a macro.

Many of these macros are set to trigger in the Quickeys Menu.

Click on the QuicKeys icon in your bar to access them. If a macro is scoped to a particular application, you will need to have that application running and front most on your desktop in order to run the assigned macro.

Again, be sure to open the micros in the QuicKeys editor and preview them before you run them.


4 comments on “Quickeys Macro Pack

  1. I tried to download and import your shortcuts but it didn’t work for me. When I click on Import Shortcuts, I get a menu to locate it. Navigating to my download folder where the dmg file is located doesn’t work because the dmg file with your shortcuts is greyed out. I’ve tried clicking on the dmg from Finder and as far as I can tell that doesn’t do anything either.

    Sorry for the noob question but I appreciate any help and guidance you can give.

  2. Do you know how to get your quickeys libraries synced between two different computers using dropbox? I can’t seem to figure out which files are referred to by the program when it is running.

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